Pokémon Celebrates 20th Anniversary

With the much-loved Pokémon franchise celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, Nintendo has announced a range of merchandise dedicated to release throughout the year. The announcements came in the form of a video, shared with the hashtag #Pokemon20, for fans to share their fond memories of the Pokémon series.

For the US, the biggest announcement was an exclusive Pokemon Red/Blue-themed New Nintendo 3DS system. The package includes two cover plates bearing Charizard and Blastoise, and comes with both Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue pre-installed, as well as a Red and Blue theme for the HOME Menu to complete the package. Europe and Australia will instead receive a new line of themed 2DS systems, available in Yellow, Red and Blue. Each system comes with their corresponding game pre-installed, as well as a code for a special theme. At this point, these systems remain regionally exclusive.

The other announcements were of a smaller scale, ranging from monthly legendary Pokemon distribution to a special expansion for the Trading Card Game. Unique merchandise will also be made available via the official Pokémon store. The video also referred to the upcoming Pokémon Go, as well as Pokkén Tournament, two major upcoming titles for the franchise. Both are slated for release this year, though there is currently no word on a core franchise entry.

Published by Michael Spiteri

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