The Pokémon Company Announces New Details for Pokémon GO


Today, The Pokémon Company made some new announcements regarding its in-development mobile title, Pokémon GO. The Pokémon Company reiterated that the mobile title would be a free download with in-app purchases on both Android and iOS’s app stores. Despite not being able to make good on a speech promised for last week’s Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco, the company has rebounded and come back with additional details to tide over fans.

Bringing together the collection-based gameplay of the Pokémon franchise with the real-time location tracking technology of smart phone devices, Pokémon GO will bring players around the world together to accomplish goals in teams. The game will notify people when a catchable Pokémon is near. The smart phone is used as an aiming mechanism, and players can catch Pokémon by throwing an acquired Pokéball at it. Capturing is not guaranteed.


Furthermore, real world locations will function as Poké-stops, for players to restock on Pokéballs and items. Trainers can be leveled up, and doing so allows for access to more items and Pokémon for capture. Veterans of the main series games will be excited to know that gyms make their return in Pokémon GO, but in a different format. At some point in the game, players will have to choose between one of three factions. Factions can take control of gyms, and can place a Pokémon within the gym to defend it. Therefore, it’s imperative that players find a way to work together and develop a strong defense. It’s similar to Ingress, a mobile title developed a while back by Niantic, who is actually working in conjunction with The Pokémon Company to make Pokémon GO. 

A trial run is taking place in Japan to iron out features and bugs before release; release will take place later this year. Are you excited to get your hands on this game? Despite having in-app purchases, it’s bound to be as successful, if not better than, alternative mobile title Pokémon Shuffle.