Pokemon – CoroCoro Reveals New Forms of Zygarde


The middle of the month is an exciting time for Pokemon fans. For fans of the series, it usually means CoroCoro leaks are coming out, and with this month’s new leaks, we learned today that the serpent legendary Pokemon Zygarde has many different forms. While there were appearances of a mysterious blob Pokemon in previous movies and issues, today fans learned that the blob plays a role. The following are details pulled and translated from CoroCoro, courtesy of PokeBeach:

  • A new flattened green blob form revealed for the first time in the magazine is “Zygarde Cell Form.” There are many of them scattered all over the place.
  • Multiple Zygarde Cell Forms bond with the green blob form revealed back in July, which is now known to be named “Zygarde Core Form.”
  • When multiple Zygarde Cell Forms bond with Zygarde Core Form, they can create “Zygarde 10% Form,” which resembles a dog. It has incredible speed and sharp fangs.
  • The original Zygarde is now called “Zygarde 50% Form,” similar to Giratina being renamed Giratina Altered Form. We assume it’s a combination of the previous forms, or many more cell forms combined with one of the core forms, or something like that.
  • The giant Zygarde is called “Zygarde Perfect Form.” It remains Ground/Dragon type, is 4.5 meters tall, and weighs 610 kg. Its power is stronger than Xerneas and Yveltal. It’s obviously a combination of the previous forms, perhaps multiple of each.

I like the idea of this, actually. Zygarde on its own was not exactly a top tier legendary in the metagame to begin with, but he may actually prove to be useful when he comes out. I am definitely looking forward to his arrival in the third game of Generation VI.

Source: PokeBeach (Translator) and CoroCoro Magazine