A Pokémon Direct Streams Tomorrow with Big News


Pokémon fans have a reason to be excited because there’s big news on the way. Tomorrow, June 6th, at 7am PST there will be a special Pokémon Direct streaming via Nintendo. Curiously enough, this news takes place roughly a week before E3, perhaps leaving room for other big Nintendo announcements during the convention.

Though we do not have any details about what this presentation will reveal, a fair speculation is that it will have something to do with the Nintendo Switch. An updated version of Pokémon Sun & Moon called Pokémon Stars has been long-rumored as the first home console version of the popular JRPG, though nothing has been confirmed. It does seem likely that there would be a “finalized” iteration of this generation’s Pokémon game, similar to previous titles like Pokémon Yellow, Crystal, Emerald, Platinum, etc. The Nintendo Switch, being a home console-handheld hybrid would be the perfect place to debut this.

After the Pokémon Direct ends tomorrow morning, Pokemon.com will have more Pokémon news coverage.