Pokémon Duel, A Brand New Mobile Game

Pokémon Duel is a brand new mobile game that released today for iOS and Android devices. This new strategy game has been released in North America with no prior warning. However, the app has been available for some time in Japan under the name Pokémon Comaster.

Essentially, Pokémon Duel is a strategy based virtual board game, in which players collect Pokémon figurines that are used as movable game pieces in battles with other players. These figurines can be customized and powered-up to gain the upper hand in battles.

Pokemon Duel
A Pokémon Figurine (Left), Two Pokémon Battling (Center), and The Game Board (Right)

As we all know, Pokémon has been on everyone’s radar after the release of the insanely popular mobile game, Pokémon Go (check out our review here). Shortly after Go‘s release, it reached top of the app charts and stayed there for quite some time. Pokémon Go also had a lot of hype surrounding it. Pokémon Duel, on the other hand, seemingly appeared out of nowhere, taking many fans by surprise. Since Pokémon Go had some issues that are still being worked out, it will be interesting to see how this new game will grow, and if it will be as popular as its predecessor.

Nintendo has been on a roll lately with their popular apps like Pokémon Go and Super Mario Run, and the recent announcement of their new console: the Switch. Is it finally time for Nintendo to get back on their feet and compete with Microsoft and Sony? One can only hope. There is no doubt that things have been looking up for the company. With the overwhelming success over recent mobile games and with most pre-orders for the Switch already sold-out, 2017 looks to be Nintendo’s year to shine. After the lackluster success of the Wii U, fans hope that all of these new additions to the Nintendo family will give the company the push it needs to, once again, be a contender within the video game industry.

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