Pokemon Go Coming to GDC 2016


Since its announcement in September 2015, little has been heard about Pokemon Go. The newest entry in Nintendo’s long-running Pokemon franchise is being developed by Niantic, Inc. for iOS and Android devices and, according to the official GDC site, promises to “[up] the challenge of real world gaming design, taking a beloved franchise and setting its hundreds of brightly-colored monsters loose across the globe, adding a new Bluetooth wearable device created by Nintendo to the mix.”

The session entitled “Catch ‘Em All: Pokemon GO and Real World Gaming,” on its surface, offers no new information on the game not already revealed in its announcement trailer. However, Niantic founder and CEO John Hanke promises that the title will “discuss how the company has developed a unique vision for delivering a mobile Pokemon experience that gets would-be trainers into the outdoors.” Nintendo’s ambitious foray into the mobile market with a flagship series of theirs has captured the imaginations of many a gamer, but how the game will actually work and get players to participate in this shared, real-world Pokemon experience is yet to be seen; nonetheless, it’s an exciting concept.

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