Pokemon GO Being Used For Armed Robberies

Pokemon GO field test
Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is shattering all records at this point in time. Following its release on July 6 to most territories on Android and iOS, the game has shattered numerous records, including number of downloads in comparison to dating app Tinder and active users on Twitter.

With all of the positivity that is surrounding the game on social media, there are of course warning stories. From stories on the minor scale of people trying to access secure areas, to the slightly more serious story of the teenager who discovered a dead body using the app, the next step in the Pokemon GO saga is from the Missouri State Police, whom have described on social media the game being used to target players, using the in-game lure items.

Four armed robbers were arrested on July 10, and are suspected of using the games to target their victims. The robbers were said to have used the Pokestops, activating a lure to attract many Pokemon to an area alongside unsuspecting trainers. These stops are real life landmarks that can be visited for bonus items, refreshing after a five minute cool down. It’s the real life Team Rocket, and we’re less than a week in.

With all the surge this game has generated, do be careful on the roads and heed that warning to be alert with the surroundings. Happy hunting, in the meantime.