Pokémon Goes to the Real World!

Well, this was a surprising move! In an announcement by the Pokémon Company this morning, their efforts to move into the field of mobile gaming was made perfectly clear, with the introduction of Pokémon Go – an Ingress-like title that has players going to locations throughout the world and capturing Pokémon with the aid of a new peripheral called the Pokémon Go Plus, which has basic features that allow players to “throw a Pokéball.” Said peripheral has the ability to rumble and vibrate in sync with a phone when the player comes across creatures in the world.


Developed by Niantic, the team behind the popular game Ingress, this title is the result of several years of development. As Junichi Masuda put it, this is the first time that the popular capture series goes to the world; Shigeru Miyamoto puts this experience up as similar to Pokémon Snap, but useful as a means to have family interact together instead of being tied down to their phones.

For real though, this is exactly what I have been wanting to play. I’ve loved the premise of Ingress, and I always wanted to see that concept applied to Pokémon or Digimon, which felt like the natural progression. Being a huge fan of the series, this comes as great news considering the relative dry spell of main series adventures for 2015. I am not going to lie though, that peripheral looks a little bit wonky, and I can not see myself wearing that to university or to work. Maybe if I stowed it in a bag, it could work, but then again… I do tend to misplace things like this. The premise of going out and interacting with the world more though, combined with my desire to travel more often since I returned from E3 this year, makes this a great change coming forward.

Pokémon Go will release for Android and iOS in 2016.

Source: The Pokémon Company (Business Wire)

Published by Brandon Bui, PharmD

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