Server Crashes Postpone International Pokémon GO Releases


A recent tweet by the official Pokémon GO Twitter account addressed the worst issue many players experienced post-release in the US and Australia: server crashes. These crashes have been consistently annoying, and in some cases have prevented the game from working properly. According to an article by Business Insider, Niantic, the company behind Pokemon GO, is fully aware of this issue and is working on a fix.

According to the article, however, Niantic CEO John Hanke claimed that Pokemon GO will be delayed indefinitely in the UK and the Netherlands until the servers are properly fixed and “they’re comfortable”. Hanke also conceded that they underestimated the popularity of the game.

Pokémon GO was fiscally a huge success on its launch, causing Nintendo’s stock price go up almost 10 percent. It was one of the most anticipated mobile games of the year, mostly because it utilized the GPS features of smartphones, allowing players to catch Pokemon by moving around in real life.