Pokémon Sun and Moon Japanese Launch Sales Just Shy of X/Y


Pokémon Sun and Moon have been released across most of the world since November 18th, while the unlucky few in the Europe and the UK will have to wait until tomorrow. Nintendo expected a massive surge of sales for the new iteration of Pokémon games, shipping over 10 million copies for launch day. While the sales figures haven’t attained such lofty expectations, they’re still rather good. Famitsu have reported that, in Japan, during the first 3 days of sale, Pokémon Sun and Moon has sold 1,905,107 copies at retail.

According to Famitsu, during the same 3 day period, Pokémon X and Y sold just over 2 million copies. Both of these figures do not include downloaded versions. As it stands, X and Y maintain the top spot for biggest Pokémon release, and Sun and Moon slides in at number 3 behind Pokémon Black and White. While unfortunately just missing out on the top spot, the sales of Pokémon Sun and Moon are very healthy. Perhaps they may have even been lower but for the success of Pokémon GO. Whatever the case, the momentum for Nintendo is building ahead of the Nintendo Switch release. Here’s to hoping Nintendo go on to sell the other 8 million shipped copies.