Pokémon Sun and Moon CoroCoro Releases: Nothing Significant, Try Again Next Time


Pokémon, you somehow manage to amaze me at your silliness these past couple of months! Since the February 27 announcement of Pokémon Sun and Moon for the 20th Anniversary of the franchise, fans (including me) have been waiting with anxiety over the new starters, the mascot legendary Pokémon, and special features. With well over a month since the big announcement, fans have received next to nothing of significance.

Other than the title of the games, some rough concept art from the initial announcement, and the release date of holiday 2016, fans have been clamoring for more, and found ways to dissect the most insignificant details. The rage peaked out at boiling levels today, with the leak of the Japanese manga magazine CoroCoro, which told viewers, according to Western fan site translations, that new coverage of the games would begin with this issue. Unfortunately, the CoroCoro leak only revealed box arts, which still did not say anything of significance since the box had a white shine texture to it, blocking everything out. In a sense, it was an elaborate trolling that got many fans raging on Pokémon fan sites and discussion boards.


On the potential bright side, the CoroCoro issue says it would have a “huge scoop” of Sun and Moon information next month, although that could be taken with a grain of salt at this point. Some fans have hypothesized that the information revealed for next month would be rehashes of what was revealed during the announcement and on the Pokémon Smash episode two weeks ago. It’s all fairly humorous and frustrating at the same time.

Other minor tidbits included the movie Pokémon Magearna being a Steel/Fairy type, and a minor reveal of a game called Pokémon Ga-Ole. None of the mechanics were revealed, but it apparently follows the steps of Pokémon Battrio and Tretta and use the arcade machine for the disks.