New Possible Leak Regarding Pokemon Switch Games Concerns Fan

The upcoming Pokemon game for the Nintendo Switch is one of the most anticipated games of this year. Many people are excited, but new potential leaks have fans seriously worried. With every game we get countless amount of leaks, rumours, and alleged leaked footage. Many times they are fake, though sometimes they come from multiple places, which gives them a degree of validity. Here are three leaks that could really be true:

Leaked Image

This image, which has made the internet rounds, shows a legit looking logo for the Japanese version of the upcoming Pokemon Switch game. Title translates to Pokemon Lets GO! Pikachu. Though quite unusual name for mainline title, it’s not stranger than Pokemon Go. Which brings us to next leak.

Emily Rogers

Emily Rogers has had a notable success ratio in terms of gaming leaks, though she is not always 100% accurate. She has not said anything official, but she did talk a lot about Pokemon Go and how it may affect future of the franchise. That brings us to our last leak.

4Chan leak

Above leaks were both just unconfirmed rumours until leak from 4Chan that brought it all together. The leak goes as follows:

Let’s Go:

>Yellow remakes for Switch
>Two versions, Pikachu and Eevee
>Red and Blue play a role in the story, you and your rival are new trainers
>Following Pokémon return
>HMs still replaced with Pokeride from alola
>Online has a hub for players
>Pokémon Go integration
>Catching Pokémon works like in Go
>Rewards in game and in Go for linking the two together
>New accessory can be used with both Go and the games
>Announcement soon, releasing this year

Is it legit?

This leak was most likely translated from different language, looking at the grammatical mistakes. There is possibility it was translated from Japanese, which could add legitimacy to these claims, yet there is no way to confirm that. This leak does align with other two leaks, which could mean they are all true.

Fan’s Concerns

No matter if these leaks are true or false, they have made many fans really worried. Most worrying has to be Pokemon Go integration. Being one of the most popular apps on mobile phones to this date, it was bound to have some impact on the franchise, but integration with mainline Pokemon entries was certainly not what we expected. We also did not want traditional Pokemon gameplay to be replaced by inferior Pokemon Go mechanics. If this leak is true, then there is a possibility that catching Pokemon will never be the same.

Additionally, if Pokemon on Switch will really be Pokemon Yellow remakes and have two versiosn called Pikachu and Eevee, we most likely won’t get a choice of starter this time around, which will be a shame.

Do you think these leaks are true? Make sure to tell us down in the comment section!