Android Pre-Reg for Super Mario Run Available

After Super Mario Run’s recent success on iOS, many Android users have been wanting to try the game for themselves. Now you can pre-register for Super Mario Run in the Google Play Store. Anyone who pre-registers will be notified when the game launches. Find it in the Play Store here.

Super Mario Run is a platforming game featuring everyone’s favorite Italian plumber Mario, for the first time ever on mobile. Unlike previous Mario titles Super Mario Run is an Auto Runner, which means he is constantly moving. Players control Mario’s jumping and traversal with just the touch of a button while Mario continues running. You can see it in action in the game’s original introduction video below.

Use only one hand to jump Mario through Super Mario Run‘s 24 different levels, collecting coins, and solving puzzles along the way. You can also unlock the ability to compete against ghosts of your friends in Toad Rally. After that you get to build your own mushroom kingdom using coins collected throughout the game.

With more than 40 million downloads on iOS, it’s obvious that Nintendo has struck gold with their first major mobile game. Bringing solid and nostalgic Nintendo gameplay (and their classic charm) to the huge mobile market is a great strategy. It will be exciting to see what more they do!


Published by Trevor von Niederhausern

Trevor is a life long nerd and gamer. His favorite franchises include The Legend of Zelda, Halo, Animal Crossing, and Pokemon, which you can find him playing competitively any chance he gets. When he isn't playing video games you can find him reading comics, watching anime or playing board games with friends.