Prey Completed in Less Than 20 Minutes by Speedrunner


Speedrunners seem to know no bounds. Especially when they can clip their way through space and time with map exploits. Prey, having only been out for under a week, has been completed in under 20 minutes. 19 minutes and 34 seconds to be exact. Popular speedrunner DraQu has done the unthinkable and already found a way to beat Prey in less time than it takes some of us to install a game on our consoles and wait for all the updates to finish.

It’s safe to watch the first few minutes spoiler free, but the long and short of it is this: DraQu uses the GLOO Cannon to build pathways to otherwise inaccessible locations, and manages to reach the end game area in this way. Prey has taken on average 20 hours to complete by most other, normal human gamers, just for comparison.

You can check out how our Channel Director Jordan Ramée got on with Prey‘s opening hour here. Looks like he needs to step up his game though, that’s over three times as long as DraQu took to finish the entire thing!

What do you think of this current speedrun record? Innovative and interesting way to play, or complete waste of time? Let us know in the comments below.