Destiny 2 is a mix of good and bad, but mainly average

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In 2016, Jason Schreier, News Editor at Kotaku, mentioned how Bungie was undergoing a change of Directors for Destiny 2. Production for Destiny 2 began sometime around 2014, but the game had to go through a reboot after Luke Smith became the Director. This reboot was not planned, and it is unfortunate that it happened, but that does not make it okay to serve a mediocre game.

In a DTR Podcast, Schreier revisited this subject which attracted the Destiny community. While some community members have engaged in useful feedback and criticism, the rest are on the bandwagon of insulting Bungie.

Kirk Hamilton, Editor at Kotaku, named Destiny 2 as one of the most disappointing games of 2017, claiming that Bungie repeated some mistakes they made previously. I agree with his statement that Destiny 2 does have praiseworthy characteristics, and it is not a lost cause.

One of the biggest criticisms of Destiny 2 is Eververse, which should not have been such a big deal. Eververse is not pay-to-win! It is just accessories you CAN buy with real-world currency if you choose to do so. Personally, I can get enough shaders, sparrows, and emotes from bright engrams so I have no need to purchase anything. Although, better end game loot may be a way to lessen Eververse’s influence in the gaming experience. Also, Schreier mentioned in the podcast that Eververse was used in Destiny to gather money to put into creating future content.

A criticism I believe should be addressed would be the type of gamers Bungie is targeting for Destiny 2. The question I have for Bungie is this: Who is the Destiny 2 for? A few weeks after release, Destiny 2 seemed like it was about attracting new casual players, not so much about satisfying the ones who supported Destiny since day one. The hardcore gamers that spent hours on hours trying to increase their Grimoire score and acquire every exotic item feel neglected (including me).

Bungie keeps mentioning that Destiny 2 is about friendship and community, but many friendships from Destiny are now dissipating. The blame for this is the content that was made for casual players. I understand that it helped the new players get accustomed to the game, but that is unfair to long-time players.

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Although it has been a few months since Destiny 2 released, the burn out has happened quickly. The content is simply not engaging enough for people to become hardcore players this time around. If anything, it seems as if people are going towards the more casual side. Curse of Osiris‘s Lost Prophecies are meant to make us play until the next expansion comes out, which is not bad, but it is the only reason I play now.

Grinding is a big aspect of Destiny, whether it was playing the game for a god-roll weapon or completing unique quests for an exotic. This is something I do not miss that much, but a complaint I hear often. I do miss leveling up my gear though by collecting resources like Spinmetal or Spirit Bloom.

What irks me the most is the unnecessary changes. There are no modifiers on heroic strikes, there are no collectibles, no private matches, and no separate Crucible playlists. It is less than what we had before with the Rise of Iron expansion in the original Destiny. Trials and Iron Banner are no longer the same since light level does not matter. Even scoring in Crucible changed from K/D to K/D/A so players can feel better about their score.

Before, there was more exploration when we did not have Lost Sectors, but instead had Dead Ghosts to find. I still have the habit of looking for dead ghosts in nook and crannies. This made players go out of their way and explore the map. It would be nice to have this come back as ghosts with a lore tab we have to discover. Hopefully, Bungie brings back most of what they removed in future updates.

It would not be right to not give Bungie credit for the positive changes like including a map and Adventures which incorporates lore. The soundtrack is not at The Taken King level, but it is still something I appreciate about this game. Yet, Destiny 2 was supposed to provide more than what we already had, but it fell short. Bungie’s lack of communication with the community made things messier than they needed to be. It is upsetting to see fans losing hope in the franchise. However, I am looking forward to what Bungie has in store for Year 2 of Destiny 2, and I hope it does not disappoint.

(Update) – A lot of great discussions and clarifications happened on Reddit about this article between me and the Destiny community. The most prominent phrase in the entire thread was “The charm from Destiny 1 is gone”.

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