Project Diva X Slated for American Release


Rhythm games are a rather scarce property in the gaming market these days, but SEGA’s Project Diva franchise has managed to provide regular releases for rhythm fans. The latest title, Project Diva X has just been confirmed for an American release, following its debut in Japan last week. The announcement was made through a short trailer, highlighting a few of the available songs and play options.

The new title features a more story-driven ‘Live Quest Mode,’ which provides slightly modified mechanics. The traditional Free Play mode will also be present, and multi-song medleys will be included for the first time. At launch, the game will include 24 songs, 5 medleys, and over 300 costumes for the 6 characters, with more planned as DLC. It’s worth noting that this announcement has been explicitly limited to the Americas, with no confirmation of a European release. Previous titles have been available in all regions, so a release is certainly a possibility.

Project Diva X is set to launch for PS Vita and PS4 in Fall 2016.