Project Wight Arrives Later This Year


Editor’s note: for all the very latest information on Project Wight, see here.

Project Wight is from a development studio based in Sweden, The Outsiders. It’s a unique RPG that puts the player in control of a mythical monster trying to survive in a vast, Viking-dominated world. Little is known about the story or the goal of the monster, but the demo gameplay shows a survival and stealth aspect. The progression system is obvious and seamless: as the beast grows older it gains new abilities.

This title seems to be inspired by more traditional role-playing games like The Elder Scrolls, but from the enemy’s point of view. Players are used to defending the village from an angry monster, but we now get to experience the monster’s fight to survive. Players become the hunted rather than being the legendary hunter. The developers claimed inspiration from a variety of sources, such as monster movies and mythical legends.

Altogether, this game has great graphics, fast-paced gameplay and a deeply immersive Viking world. Sadly, a release date has not been set but Project Wight is projected to come out sometime this year, or possibly early next year.