Project Wight – here’s what we know so far …

While there hasn’t been any new updates regarding Project Wight recently, the trailer certainly caused a stir when it was shown over a year ago. Since then, not a peep. So here are some small tidbits of information you may not have known about:

The game – what’s it going to be about?

Project Wight doesn’t look like any ordinary open-world RPG, judging by the video (which you can watch below), but that is what the game is touted as being. It will take place in an alternative version of our own reality, centered around the early Viking era. Humans share the world with the last known remnants of a forgotten species of intelligent creatures. During the video, we witness gameplay through the eyes of younger creature, who must sneak and stealth his/her way past even the weakest Humans, lest he/she be slain. We then transfer the point of view to a more powerful, adolescent creature. This suggest that there will be a whole range of creature types, each with different abilities. Perhaps some are better at stealth, and perhaps some are better at attacking from above like we see in the video.

It’s a very interesting take on games based in such mythological worlds. Worlds where we’re often defending towns and settlements from the attacks of gruesome beasts. But here, that formula is turned on its head. The theme of vengeance comes to mind when watching the trailer. In its most direct form, in how towards the end of the video, you avenge the younger creature, who had to skulk away from the Humans hacking apart one its own kind. But it seems there’s another side to it. Project Wight developer David Goldfarb says that he was influenced by the tale of John Gardner’s Grendel, where the story is told from the point of view of the monster. Leading on from this Goldfarb says, “it just so happened that as time wore on and I got more and more frustrated with humans“. Maybe there will be an allegorical element to this game; where we as players will be able to tear apart the darker and more destructive portions of Humanity. Or, it could just be that we will be controlling a creature simply trying to fight for its survival, and it will be interesting to see whether other RPG elements, aside from the fantastical setting, will be integrated.

Who’s behind Project Wight?

The studio at the helm of this ambitious project are called The Outsiders, and it consists of 12 Swedish game developers working out of Stockholm, according to their very sparse website. What you may not know is that David Goldfarb and Benjamin Cousins, the duo that founded The Outsiders, formerly worked for DICE, the Battlefield developers. When quitting DICE, David Goldfarb told Polygonthe desire was never to make other people’s games, no matter how good they are.” And in an interview with Gamesindustry, Goldfarb also outlined the philosophies the company will be guided by: “I do think there’s a spot between the $200 million dollar AAA games and the $1 million indie games that is not being adequately explored. To me that’s a really rich field to plow and you can do awesome stuff there.

He goes on to say “there’s a lot of mid-tier games getting made right now that are succeeding on Steam, in that $3-$8 million range … there’s room in the market to make those types of games that aren’t crazy fidelity, 8,000 person teams but they have a style and quality and they’re something you can return to over and over because of the gameplay. To me, I’m happy to do that.

And there’s more. Goldfarb’s passion lies with RPGs, and he’s tired of shoehorning RPG elements into games that don’t really fit well with them. He tells Eurogamer: “I’m interested in systemic story stuff. I know Ken Levine [of Bioshock fame] has recently been talking about this. I have another way I want to try and do it.

What does it look like?

There are only a handful of screenshots available at the moment, along with the video of what we can expect from the gameplay. Check it out for yourself below:

Interested? We are! While we have no idea when this game is going to be released, you can be sure that we’ll have all the updates as they come! Let us know all your thoughts on Project Wight in the comments section below.

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  1. I have been desperately waiting for the last few years for it to be released, and seriously hope its early 2018. This game has heaps of potential based on the 2 mins of gameplay in the vids..

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