Project X Zone Pulled From eShop


Bandai Namco’s crossover strategy RPG, Project X Zone has been pulled from the 3DS eShop. No formal announcement was made, and no explanation was given for the departure of the game; it is simply absent from the store listing. For those who previously purchased the title through the eShop, it is available to redownload from the “Redownloadbale Software” tab, but it is no longer possible to purchase the title digitally.

This change was made across both Europe and America, though its sequel title, Project X Zone 2 remains for sale. The lack of communication regarding this change in circumstance is rather problematic, and until we have official word on the subject, the nature of this event is impossible to ascertain. The sheer quantity of licenses involved in Project X Zone could be the cause, but it could just as easily be a temporary withdrawal from the market. Prices for physical copies already seem to be on the rise, so gamers looking to get involved in the franchise are in a rather tight spot.