PS4 Latest Software Update 4.00 Available Now


Sony’s next major PS4 firmware update 4.00 is now available for download across the world. Expect the 312MB update to pop up next time you turn on your console. In the wake of the PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim announcements, Sony has beefed up the magic behind the hardware to enable support of some of the features of the newer console. This will allow 1080p streaming to YouTube, Twitch, Share Play and Remote Play on the PS4 Pro.

PS4 new quick menu

As well as this, a plethora of new and interesting features in update 4.00 have been implemented to bolster the PS4 experience, most notably of which is HDR support for all their consoles. This will allow games to express a wider and richer range of colors. Plus:

  • User Interface refresh – While nothing will be immediately noticeable, the improvements are many and subtle. New system backgrounds, a revised ‘What’s New’ tab, and redesigned system icons, to mention a few.
  • Quick Menu – Pressing the central quick menu button will now only bring up a smaller menu interface, which will allow you to keep your current gaming session visible. This makes getting the information you need quicker and more streamlined.
  • Share Menu – Will also now only cover a portion of the screen, and will save the last social media platform you shared content to.
  • Folders and Library Organization – Acceding to popular demand, you can now organize your content into folders. Plus improvements to viewing content in the library.
  • Trophy Improvement – Ability to view trophies offline, and option to view details of hidden trophies.

It will be interesting to see how well the improvements are received throughout the day. Feel free to let us know your thoughts below.