First look at new Battle Royale game Radical Heights

Boss Key, creators of failed multiplayer FPS LawBreakers, announced today that all support for their hero shooter will stop. Not all is grim though as they also announced a new game! A Battle Royale title inspired by 80s aesthetics named Radical Heights, which is coming out on early access tomorrow! Many games these day seem to be heavily “inspired” by PUBG and Fortnite, and Radical Heights seems to be one of those.

Radical Heights looks to be more than just blatant clone. It has some very interesting quirks that might give it some chance in the Battle Royale war. From what we’ve seen so far there are rideable BMXs, environmental objects to help you traverse the map quickly, as well as big focus on in-game currency.

In-game currency in Radical Heights is simply called Cash, and is earned during matches. It seems that Cash can be used in various ways, such as at vending machines or a wheel of fortune-style contraption. What’s most curious about Cash is that you can keep it after the match. All you have to do is find an ATM machine and deposit your funds there, similarly to GTA Online. For the Cash you keep, you can purchase some radical clothing and other customizations for your avatar.

Though an interesting concept, Cash could be easily exploited if they add microtransactions, as players with lots of money to spare could use their wealth to buy themselves an in-game advantage. This is very likely as the game will be Free To Play, despite Cliff Bleszinski’s dislike for this business model.

Overall, Radical Heights looks like it has some potential. Although, some of the questionable decisions made by Cliffy B’s studio in the past does make us worry about how it will turn out. Thankfully we won’t have to wait too long as the game launches April 10th on Steam Early Access for free.