Red Dead Redemption 2 Confirmed by Rockstar

Update (18/10/2106) – It’s official! Rockstar have confirmed Red Dead Redemption 2 in a third tweet today. Over the past few days, they’ve steadily been leading up to this announcement, and now all speculation can cease. The tweet shows the second teaser image from yesterday with some additional details filled into the image, such as some features on the character’s faces, and the rough release date of Fall 2017. There’s no definite sign of John Marston, apart from perhaps the character on the far left baring some resemblance. We can only wait and see what the trailer, shown on the same tweet to be coming on 20/10/2016, will show us.

red dead redemption 2

Title changed in accordance with updated information. Original story below.

Rockstar Games have revealed what is most likely another Red Dead Redemption 2 teaser. In a tweet yesterday, Rockstar simply posted a picture of their company logo over Red Dead Redemption’s characteristic field of stark red. The internet reacted the way the internet does, and excitement about a new installment escalated. Today, Rockstar have tweeted another teaser. This shows a band of 7 cowboys or cowgirls, once again set against the series’s iconic red.

The image below shows a very John Marston-esque silhouette leading the pack, which could point to one of two things. Either Rockstar are hopping on the remaster train, or this is indeed a prequel. If the most prominent character is John Marston, then we may be seeing what he got up to during his time in Bill Williamson’s gang. The fact that there was never a gang consisting of 7 members in Red Dead Redemption could suggest that this isn’t a remaster, and truly is a new game. Though it could be seven John Marstons, each in a different outfit. It’s all just speculation at this point.

red dead redemption

If you’ve been living in a catatonic state for the past 6 years, Red Dead Redemption is a third-person action-adventure. A shootin’ rootin’ tootin’ Western, in the same vein as Grant Theft Auto. It came out for the Xbox 360 and PS3 in 2010, to much critical acclaim. Since then, fans have been calling out for another game in the series. This steady release of images is all but confirming that there will be an announcement relating to the game imminently. There have been rumors circulating around for some time that the next Red Dead game will be a prequel to Redemption. These new images then are probably very slowly leading us towards an announcement confirming the fact. All we can do is wait and see what occurs over the following days.

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