Release Date for World of Warcraft: Legion Announced

Today Blizzard unveiled that their latest expansion, World of Warcraft: Legion will hit store shelves on August 30th. This comes on the heels of speculation about the release of the game in recent weeks by retailers and consumers alike. In a press release Blizzard stated,

“The great enemy of Azeroth is back, and soon the kingdoms of the Horde and the Alliance will be consumed in a storm of fel fire. Starting August 30, realms will shatter, heroes will fall, and the world will stand on the brink of destruction with the launch of World of Warcraft: Legion, the sixth expansion for Blizzard Entertainment’s acclaimed massively multiplayer online role-playing game.”

The expansion will feature a new hero class: Demon Hunter, as well as Artifact weapons and a raised level cap of 110. Also new to the series is the Broken Isles continent, a PvP Honor System that will include new PvP-specific powers, and a Class Hall, which will let you gather together noteworthy characters from the Warcraft universe of the same class to carry out missions.

Also announced today were the pre-order incentives for the expansion. These include early access to the Demon Hunter hero class and a level 100 boost for one character. There will be a Standard Edition for $49.99, a Digital Deluxe Edition for $69.99, and a Collector’s Edition for $89.99. The Standard edition will be available in physical and digital forms. The Deluxe Edition includes an Illidari Felstalker mount, a pet for World of Warcraft, a Felstalker mount for Heroes of the Storm, a helm transmogrifier and wings for Diablo III, and a pair of fel-infused StarCraft II portraits. The Collector’s Edition will have all the items in the Deluxe Edition, but with an added full-color hardcover book as well as a two disc behind the scenes Blu-ray/DVD, a CD soundtrack, and to top it off, a Legion mousepad. More information on the upcoming Legion expansion can be found on Blizzard’s official website.

Published by Samuel Waldron

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