Report: Kingdom Hearts 3 Leak – 11 Images Shows More of ‘Monsters, Inc’ World

It looks like there has been another Kingdom Hearts 3 leak. A set of images have been released that seem to reveal one of the worlds that will be playable in the new game, namely a Monsters, Inc. themed world. Only two of these images were leaked on the Kingdom Hearts Insider forums, but now there are an extra 11 to go with them, shown here, and then again in a reddit post, that both link to an image gallery. Obviously, the images show various elements that clearly indicate that the game is still firmly in the development stage, but seeing as discovering what worlds Sora and co. will be delving through is a massive part of what will make Kingdom Hearts 3 so popular, this is a massive leak. But it can only further fan the flames of hype surrounding the game.

So, will Sora really team up with Mike and Sully? Decide for yourself, and take a look at some of the images from the reported Kingdom Hearts 3 leak below, or visit the full gallery of 13 images here.

Does this leak look legitimate? Are you disappointed or excited to see more information with this Kingdom Hearts 3 leak? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section underneath the images.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is currently slated for release some time next year.

Published by Ben Hutchings - Senior Editor

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