‘No Man’s Sky’ Retail Release Date Announced

Managing Director of Hello Games, Sean Murray, announced today on the official Playstation Blog that No Man’s Sky will release on June 21st of this year on PS4. Additionally, it will have a full retail blu-ray boxed release.

No Man’s Sky is at the top of many people’s most anticipated games lists, due to its highly ambitious premise of a fully explorable computer-generated galaxy. People have been speculating about whether or not the game will hold up to its huge expectations and promises.

Sean Murray writes on the blog,

In No Man’s Sky you can trade, fight, explore, and survive in a boundless, computer-generated universe. It’s a vast, open game, and always a hard one to demonstrate quickly, but recently we let some people from the press loose in No Man’s Sky.”

no man's sky box

Hello Games have remained fairly quiet since their last big preview at E3 2015 so news of a confirmed and verified release date is a huge relief. We’ll have to wait and see if No Man’s Sky lives up to its huge hype or if it becomes the biggest disappointment in modern gaming.

For more information, check out the official Playstation Blog.

Published by Ben Eberle - Senior Editor

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