Destiny: Rise of Iron New Gameplay


Destiny promises to re-energize their space-based first-person shooter with the upcoming Rise of Iron expansion. One thing players have been asking for is more player-vs-player gameplay options. With the Rise of Iron expansion, Bungie is giving player the ability to set up private matches so friends can test their skills against one another. In it, the match owner can set just about everything from score limit, time of day, and what map to play on. Bungie has yet to announce if winning these matches grants players anything more than bragging rights.

At Gamescom, Bungie showcased their new pvp mode Supremacy, which takes place on their newest map Icarus. See it in action here:

For those Destiny fans who don’t play the pvp modes very often (myself included), Rise of Iron will also release with a new strike called Wretched Eye. In it, you will fight off The Fallen who have taken over a section of Old Russia, and your job as a Guardian is to wipe them out. See the strike below:

Destiny‘s Rise of Iron Expansion released September 20th, and you can learn about all of the big changes coming to the Destiny universe in the latest Developer Diary here.