Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Gameplay Trailer


The sequel to Red Orchestra 2’s Rising Storm expansion is on its way. We haven’t seen many videos of Rising Storm 2: Vietnam since its debut at E3, but today a new trailer has been released. The trailer displays in-game alpha footage that displays the gun mechanics, graphical fidelity, and level of animations in the game.

It’s a rare thing for a studio to deliver an in-game trailer showing the game and its very noticeable flaws in a development stage, which makes this trailer quite the surprise. If you enjoyed what you saw then you’ll be glad to hear that Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is set to release sometime later this year. If not, then don’t hesitate to check back on the game once it is further along in development. This trailer is a good representation of the game in its current state, but there is no doubt that it will change with time.