New Rocket League Update v1.34 Announced

Psyonix have just announced a new update for their high adrenaline balls-to-the-wall (literally) vehicular kickabout game Rocket League. The update, creatively titled “v1.34”, will come to fans on May 10 at 3pm PDT. That’s 6pm EDT, 12am CEDT on May 11 if you’re in Europe, and 9am AEST if you’re in Oceania.

The Rocket League update adds ‘Neo Tokyo’ as a Standard Arena, and while they’ve made a few alterations to the map, such as removing the parallel ramps on either side of the goal, the scenery has been untouched to maintain the futuristic metropolis vibe. The map will be available in all Playlists. A new Battle-Car will enter the fray in the shape of Mantis, which is “fully customizable and has an all-new look, but it uses the same low, flat hitbox, and turn radius as the Batmobile.” The car also comes with a range of decals. Mantis will be available as a drop from new Nitro-Powered crates, “along with limited-drop Wheels, Decals, Rocket Trails, and Black Market customizations.”

The full patch-notes on what new features are to be included will be available on their blog before Wednesday, but what are your early thoughts on this Rocket League update? Will it be enough to keep you playing? Let us know in the comments below.

Published by Ben Hutchings - Senior Editor

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