RUMOR: Death Stranding Release Date Revealed

By the looks of it, Walmart Canada may have just leaked the release date for Death Stranding, the long-awaited upcoming title from Hideo Kojima. While the game has been kept in the dark for many months, with fans only getting snippets of information and content, there have been promising new details released.

According to the video game’s listing on Walmart Canada’s website, the title is set to be released in June 2019. What’s even more interesting is that the official Twitter of the chain went onto back up the information by replying to a user with the explanation that the company is currently taking pre-orders and that the title will be shipped in June.

Death Stranding is an upcoming action game that follows the story of the main character Sam, who is portrayed by The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus, as he finds himself sent to another world after his death. Previously, Kojima has shared his hopes that the game will bring around a whole new future generation of gaming. Mads Mikkelsen and Guillermo del Toro have also been confirmed to be featured throughout the game, alongside many other high listing celebrity faces.

It’s still unclear whether this is a legitimate leak of information or whether Walmart Canada is just having fun ahead of The Game Awards, which will be hosted next week. Earlier this year, the company did indeed out many surprise announcements that were planned for E3, so there’s no way of saying whether this information is entirely fake or not.

Though, take it with a pinch of salt in either case. Sony, the publisher behind the game, still hasn’t provided a release date for the title. Likewise, Kojima himself has not commented on the leak of information, meaning fan speculation is currently up in the air.

Even though the game’s release date has not been finalised, it’s still exciting to think that Death Stranding may be hitting the shelves sooner than anticipated.

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