Rumor: Nintendo Supposedly Preparing for a Huge Legend of Zelda Announcement

Editor’s note: While Gamer Professionals has seen the video stated in this article, out of respect for Nintendo, our source, and other parties involved, we have decided against publishing the video, which would infringe on the copyright of Nintendo Co., Ltd and Creative Minds and Souls, LLC, who produced the video. Although we are almost positive of the video’s legitimacy, as of this time, any information or speculation regarding this video should be regarded as a rumor — even the source’s.

Nintendo has created a promotional video for a Legend of Zelda title for the Wii U which is apparently meant to impact parents during a “big event”, according to a trusted source. Gamer Professionals received the said video and has all but confirmed its authenticity. It was published online and was password protected. The title of the video is “First Draft”, so the supposition is that the video is still being worked on. According to our source, production on the video is still underway and is wrapping up shortly.

What convinces us at Gamer Professionals of the authenticity of the video is the sheer level of production values it possesses, the classic watermarks on the bottom left hand side of the video, and the timestamp on the bottom right hand side, similar to that of a film which is in post-production. The watermarks say “Property of Nintendo Co., Ltd”, “Creative Minds and Souls, LLC” and “J.Richards.” Creative Minds and Souls is apparently the production company working on the video, although very little can be found about them other than this website. It is speculated that CMS is being used solely for this production and is under a much larger business entity.

Our source is seemingly reliable, knowing the inner workings of the production of the video and its purpose, although they do not know whether or not it is for the upcoming Legend of Zelda for Wii U or for a new Zelda title. It is speculated though that Nintendo is creating this production in order to emphasize the relationship between parents and their children. New parents these days grew up with The Legend of Zelda and have a ton of purchase power in the gaming market, and Nintendo intends on fully tapping into that potential. The father in the video is a young man, probably in his late 20s, just the right age of someone who grew up with the Zelda series.


Getting to the the video itself, according to the timestamp, the first 40 seconds or so are missing. It is possible that this portion is actually gameplay footage of a new Zelda game, but we just don’t know at this juncture. The video contains clips from The Legend of Zelda, The Adventure of Link, and A Link to the Past, but focuses on the relationship between a young father and his daughter. The two watch the clips together, and at one point, the little girl asks, “Can I be a hero like Link?” She even attempts to put together her own makeshift Link costume, but fails and is left discouraged. Her dad then steps in with Link’s classic green garb, along with a wooden sword and shield, with the latter having a golden Hylian Crest engraved on it. She then lies down in bed in full-on Link garb, seemingly content with a smile on her face. The video then fades to white. “A New Generation Begins” then appears on the screen, leading into the Legend of Zelda logo, although no subtitle is given. It ends with Nintendo’s “Only on Wii U” screen.


The question becomes, is this a promotion for The Legend of Zelda Wii U, or another game entirely? Is it for a Zelda anthology collection to celebrate the series’ 30th anniversary, introducing the franchise to a “new generation?” In the video, the father is shown showing his daughter a page from Hyrule Historia, pointing out The Wind Waker’s incarnation of Link, with Link’s sister in the foreground as well. Later, the daughter is shown coloring a printout of Wind Waker Link. Is this a clue that we may be getting a sequel to The Wind Waker? A picture is shown with the girl and her brother in the background and possibly points to the fact that she represents Link’s sister. It is also poignant to point out that it is a young girl who asks if she could be like Link, not a young boy. It may be a subtle hint that Nintendo is creating a game with a playable female protagonist. There is also a sign on the closet that says “Happy Spring”, possibly suggesting a spring release date.

This is all pure speculation, but the video itself is legitimate and it may be planned for a Zelda-centric Nintendo Direct or for some other major event which will help celebrate Zelda’s 30th anniversary, which is soon approaching in 2016.

Stay tuned to Gamer Professionals as we uncover more about both the video and its purpose!

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    1. google reversed the image on creativemind&souls website (which is a wordpress site) and it links to many film makers including john richards, but he has no videos on his vimeo page. As there is no link to the “leaked” video and the lack of information on the creator im calling fake on this one

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