Rumor: Star Fox Zero Has Been Delayed Again

According to French retailers, Nintendo’s Star Fox Zero, which was supposed to be a 2015 holiday release title, has been pushed back until July 15, 2016. The French website does not say whether this is a delay on the part of Europe, or a delay worldwide, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

If the game is pushed back until July though, it is simply mind boggling considering Star Fox Zero was supposed to come out in December. Is it going through development difficulties? This will be its second delay. When I played it at E3 it was a lot of fun, although granted the controls were very intricate and it was a lot to take in for just a 10 minute demo. It played very well though. Hopefully this rumor is false and the game maintains its April 22 release date, because without it the Wii U will have a huge void to fill release-wise for the middle of the year.