Sea of Solitude Will Release as Part of EA Originals, Announced at E3


Sea of Solitude from Jo-Mei Studios was announced at E3 2018. It will release as a part of EA Originals in 2019.

sea of solitude

The game revolves around the concept of solitude, a feeling of being lonely. The writer of Sea of Solitude, Cornelia Geppert, described this topic as being relatable to human beings. She wrote this game while in a lonely state, and as an artist, she put her loneliness in her art, which is this game.

sea of solitude

Sea of Solitude takes place in a fictional world but reflects on realistic situations. The story is about a character, Kay, who is suffering from deep loneliness. Her emotions turn her into a monster. She must go and figure out why this happened and how she can become a human again. The overarching story is about being introspective and embracing human emotions.

The reveal trailer shows a beautiful yet dark story.