During Microsoft’s E3 conference, Rare showcased Sea of Thieves, their next ambitious title. In this long awaited game, players take on the role of a crew of pirates, and must survive the high seas.

In both a trailer and gameplay segment, we were treated to what awaits players on the high seas.

Players will be able to band together to explore forgotten islands, find treasure, and most importantly, work together.

Pirates must work in unison to control the ship, from raising and lowering the sails, to assisting in navigation, and even share drinks together and stumble about.

Danger is ever lurking on the high seas, as you can encounter other players at any time, and choose to engage in naval warfare. Players must patch holes in the ship if cannonballs destroy the hull, and return fire with cannons as well.

Though it hasn’t been confirmed, it is probably safe to assume that you can plunder your enemies’ ships.

Multiplayer is seamless, and allows random encounters with no loading or joining lobbies.

Sea of Thieves releases for Xbox One and Windows 10 in 2017.