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Sea of Thieves


Sea of Thieves is establishing itself as a vast and unique multiplayer experience. In recent footage released from Gamescom 2016, Sea of Thieves showed off a slue of activities that you and your shipmates can partake in together.

The video began with a group of pirates huddled together in a sea-side pub with drink in hand. As the pirates drank, the screen began to sway and show signs of distortion. This hints at the fact that that though drinking with your mates may be a fun, leisure-time activity, it does come with expected negative side-effects. After finishing their drinks, the pirates attempted to head back to their ship. However, due to their inebriated state, all they could do was stumble around the shore and even fall off the pier. Players having a cold drink with their friends in Sea of Thieves is only one of the many cooperative activities that the game has to offer.

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Example of what happens when drinking with friends.

Gameplay footage went on to show players working together to raise the anchor on their ship and assume different positions after they set sail. Of course, one player took the helm and steered the ship as the captain (I can only assume this is based on a race to the wheel or possibly calling “dibs” as soon as your team boards the ship). Other players took position on cannons and around the upper and lower decks of the ship. However, one pirate took us to the top of the ship on the crows nest. It was here that we are able to see the somewhat simple yet beautiful world that Sea of Thieves has to offer. The art style is unique and, unlike many other games releasing on next-generation consoles, it avoids realism and replaces it with a unique cartoon-like style. This style very much fits the upcoming pirate game that is not taking itself too seriously, which is a good thing.

Naval combat in Sea of Thieves

The very idea of Sea of Thieves is based around goofy fun with your friends, as can be seen throughout the video preview. At any point, players can switch between musical instruments that, when played together, sync up to play a merry tune while sailing the ever-changing seas. However, it is not all fun and games on the ocean, rival pirate ships can engage in naval battles with each other which focus on a balance of teamwork and communications in steering, cannon fire, and ship repairs. In between ship battles, there is a vast world to explore that seems to feature an array of different islands that pirates can discover at their leisure.

The world of Sea of Thieves seems to offer a large variety of activities from drinking in a pub with your fellow pirates to epic battles on the high seas. With a release date in December of 2017, there is no doubt that more will be coming to this Xbox and PC exclusive game.

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