Sea of Thieves Reveal – Microsoft E3 2017


Sea of Thieves has been revealed at Microsoft’s conference and my saber is already rattling along with my bones. The game has a comic/cartoon look to it but the graphics overall look decent. It appears that the game is focused on exploration, whether that be at sea or on the land. Scouring the deep for shipwrecks and sunken treasure, or stalking the jungles for ancient shrines or hidden chests of booty. Riddles to solve, ancient monsters to battle, cannons to fire, sharks to feed and swashbuckling mayhem? Ya-haaaargh!

The crux of the experience for me will be how the ship-to-ship pirate battles will be implemented but from looks alone they look the part and then some.

So far Sea of Thieves looks like everything I have ever wanted in a pirate game, so to say I am excited would be a particularly light way to describe it. A pirates life for me!

Sea of Thieves is set for an early 2018 release.