Sean Bean Will Be in Hitman 2


Sean Bean is well known for his numerous deaths in film and on television. From Goldeneye to Game of Thrones, Bean has lived many lives that have ended in a large variety of ways. Now that list is going to be even longer, as he has been announced to be the first elusive target in Hitman 2.

Mark Faba, played by Sean Bean, will be the first elusive target in Hitman 2.

In a trailer (seen below) that was released today, Bean plays a man named Mark Faba, lovingly nicknamed ‘The Undying,’ who has escaped many pursuers that have wished for his demise by faking his death in a variety of ways. His skills for escaping through his false deaths has lead the International Contract Agency (ICA) to put a hefty price on his head.

Faba is a former MI5 agent who has turned to freelance assassination work to pay the bills. Faba is shown to be a sort of MacGyver-esque genius who finds a way to turn everyday objects into dangerous weapons.

The trailer ends with Faba murdering a therapist, knowing that Agent 47 has been watching him this whole time. Faba is cocky and sure that Agent 47 will never get the best of him, but it’s going to be up to the players to show him wrong.

“I’m thrilled to be a part of the upcoming Hitman 2 video game” said Bean, “It’s always exciting to take on a new role, and I look forward to seeing my character in action when the Elusive Target mission launches.”

The mission will take place in Miami, Florida. Agent 47 will have to stop Faba from using his expert surveillance, infiltration, and demolition skills to complete an assassination at the Global Innovation Race.

Elusive targets are assassination contracts that are only available for a limited time. Elusive targets are more difficult than those in regular story missions, so Faba will most likely give Hitman 2 players a run for their money using his unorthodox assassination skills and MI5 training.

Along with the announcement of Sean Bean being in the game, there is now a vote on the Hitman website where people can choose which of Bean’s devious devices we would like to be in the game for us to use. There are three choices for people to choose from. A toy robot that has been fashioned into a flash grenade. A pair of headphones, which work as a concealable garrote wire. Lastly, a pen which has been wire with compact explosives.

Bean is going to be the first elusive target in Hitman 2, which will be released on November 13th. Bean will be available for assassination a week after the game’s release, from November 20th to the 30th. Though IO Interactive did say that the mission launch date was subject to change.

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