Sennheiser Game ONE Headset Review


The team at Sennheiser really does some great work with their audio technology, providing top-notch build and sound quality at a rather high premium. Within their gaming division, Sennheiser has a number of headsets, with headsets in the midrange starting at $99.95 and going all the way to $279.95. The Game ONE headset enters the ring at $249.95, behind the Game ZERO headset.

The Game ONE headset comes in two colors, white and black. The headset unit reviewed was a white headset. With a plastic build and an adjustable microphone, it definitely has a great appeal. The headset’s ear components have vents that allow air into the airs to prevent overheating. While the Game ZERO headset opted for leatherette ear cups and head rest, the Game ONE opts instead for a velvet ear cup and headband. The right ear cup contains the volume control and the left ear cup has the noise-cancellation microphone that allows the player to mute by simply moving the microphone up. It’s a feature that has been making its way to modern headsets, alongside the capability to work with multiple platforms that include PlayStation, Xbox, macOS, PC, Linux, and mobile systems via the 3.5 mm headphone jack cable.


The quality of this headset is great, but not as good as the more expensive Game ZERO, which is made of metal. While the white hides scratches easier, it is easier to notice color staining; on the other hand, the black headset would show more scratches. Its plastic build allows it to stay light, weighing at 300 grams. I must stress this — plastic does not mean that the headset is an inferior product. The lightness of the set makes it an extremely comfortable piece of hardware to wear for extended periods of time, even with glasses.

The sound quality of this headset, though, is fantastic. It’s almost identical to the sound quality that I enjoyed on the Game ZERO headset – the noise-cancelling microphone provides a nearly complete immersion experience that allows the player to identify and hear background noises such as footsteps and extraneous sound effects. This alone made a huge difference between this headset and other headsets provided by other manufacturers. My comparisons were made with a Corsair Void and a Logitech Artemis Spectrum headset; the Sennheiser provided the clearest audio by a long shot. This could simply be due to the fact that the Sennheiser Game ONE headset connects via a wired connection which provides the higher audio quality compared to a wireless signal. There was no latency issues or sound skips in this product with many hours of listening.


Compared to the Game ZERO, this headset actually provides a more comforting experience as it’s lighter. It allowed heat to leave easier as the ear components are vented to allow air into the headset. This is just a personal experience, mileage may vary. I’ll just leave it as a potential data point to consider, however. The headset looks great and sounds wonderful, although it comes at a premium-level price. I’d recommend this headset for those that can make the investment, and to maximize the gaming experience.

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