Sennheiser GSX 1000 Audio Amplifier Review


Gaming has its fair share of players who utilize audio to maximize their experience using amplifiers such as the GSX 1000. I admittedly did not get on that train until fairly recently, when I started getting the opportunity to play with some fantastic audio hardware. Having been accustomed to headsets that have been within the mediocre to decent range of audio, I decided to make some quality investments and find a pair that could enhance the aural experience.


With a good headset on hand, the first prerequisite had been met. Hearing that Sennheiser had an audio amplifier kit available is a good next step, but it comes with a fair degree of variability. You are going to need a headset, whose performance can be considered variable depending on the manufacturer, or a speaker to take advantage of the sound system. Fans will also have to keep in mind the price of the audio amplifier, which is quite a bit expensive. I suppose the next question to ask is, is this little box worth the price tag that it requires?


The GSX 1000 is a small square box, measuring at about 300 grams. The volume wheel, made of brushed metal, spins effortlessly and with little resistance. It offers a solid feel. The box, which is lit up with red accent LEDs, looks quite amazing, meshing well with the red and black elements of the GAME Zero headset used alongside the amplifier. There is an angler at the bottom of the box that allows the GSX 1000 to sit on an incline, which actually worked a lot better than laying flat for me.

The display is able to relay exactly what settings your box currently has configured, and has a touch screen that allows for quick on-the-fly settings modifications depending on the type of media being consumed. Users can modify volume, equalizers, sound focus, surround sound, side tone levels, and audio type (speaker or headset). These settings can be changed dynamically and saved. The ability to save sound profiles is such an abundantly useful feature. It’s a small feature, but one that makes this a step above the rest.


One of the key features that I noticed about this box was the ability to enable surround sound audio on any headset plugged in. This means that a lot of different headsets could be given the surround sound audio experience so long as it fits into the 3.5 mm headphone jack. Lately, I’ve gotten this inkling that the 3.5 mm headphone jack could start becoming a bit of a limitation given that some devices are opting to move towards wireless audio usage. It becomes a question of whether or not Sennheiser is willing to start embracing a more wireless era that is struggling to get off of the ground.

In my tests with the box, I used both a Sennheiser GAME Zero headset and my trusty Logitech Artemis Spectrum gaming headset. Sennheiser’s headset had to be the clear winner here as the audio experience felt a lot more crisp and clear. The surround sound, though, makes a huge difference and it’s the best part that the sound amplifier offers by far.

At the end of the day, the Sennheiser GSX 1000 is a beautifully crafted device that provides an amazing listening experience, but at a higher than appreciated price. I feel that if the box were priced a bit lower, it could be a much more worthwhile investment. Turning any device into a surround sound player works well, but that makes for another investment into a headset or a set of speakers to take full advantage. It’s a great device, but one that may go out of the price range that people would anticipate.