Shadow Of The Tomb Raider First Week Sales


According to new estimates released by VGChartz last Friday, it’s been estimated that Shadow Of The Tomb Raider sold almost a staggering 700,000 units during its first week of release.

The VGChartz Global Weekly Chart for the week ending September 15 reveals that the action-adventure game sold approximately 682,451 units. It’s predecessor – Rise Of The Tomb Raider – only just beats it with a close count of having sold 684,9000 units in its first week. However, gamers speculate that its victory was slightly brought forward by its staggered console release. The PS4 version of the game currently ranks in third place for the week, following NBA 2K19 PS4 in second place, with Spider-Man being the clear winner in first place.

Looking more closely at the breakdown of the sale numbers, it’s obvious that the game was immensely more successful on PS4 rather than Xbox One. It’s estimated that the Sony console accounts for 71% of sales, whereas Microsoft only accounts for 29%.

Likewise, the figures can also be analyzed by region; Shadow Of The Tomb Raider sold best in the US with 268,732 units, with Europe following closely behind with 264,939 units.

The franchise has yet again gained success with impressive first week sales.

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider follows Lara Croft as she travels through South America to reach the city of Paititi, where she has to stop a Mayan apocalypse. Development of the game began in 2015 and was completed mid-2018, then released this September. It’s the twelfth mainline entry in the Tomb Raider series and received a rather positive response from fans, and ranked a score of 76% on the review aggregator MetaCritic.

The successful sale figures won’t come as a surprise to players who are well-versed with the Tomb Raider community. This is considering that this previous installment was a long-awaited continuation of Rise Of The Tomb Raider, which impressed fans all over the globe with its impressive story writing and character development.

Exact sales numbers are yet to be confirmed, though these expected rankings go to show the fan success of yet another installment in the Tomb Raider series.