Shadow of the Tomb Raider New Footage Revealed [UPDATE]

The new trailer for Shadow of the Tomb Raider was revealed at Microsoft’s E3 press conference. The final installment in the rebooted Tomb Raider trilogy, Shadow has a much darker tone to it, exploring Lara Croft’s exciting new venture into Central America.

The trailer shows beautiful set pieces, action sequences, and further character development. Fans of the series will be happy to know that Shadow of the Tomb Raider looks to play very similarly to the previous games, with improved graphics and animation.

UPDATE: More footage from Square Enix’s press conference showed gameplay with an emphasis on stealth. We see Lara perched in a tree, taking out enemy patrols from above with great ease. She utilizes her now-famous bow and arrow, throws objects for distraction, and performs knife executions from behind. It seems like there is a larger focus on using camouflage this time around, as Lara becomes nearly invisible in thick brush. New traversal techniques, full 360 underwater swimming, and more vertical stealth combat add new depth to the game.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is being developed by Eidos Montreal in collaboration with Crystal Dynamics and published by Square Enix. It is set for release on September 14, 2018.

Published by Ben Eberle - Senior Editor

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