Shaky Launch for Metal Gear Solid V

The release of the latest addition in the much-loved Metal Gear franchise has met a tepid response from the gaming community after some questionable missteps from Konami. The PC release of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain shipped on a standard DVD-Rom, containing nothing but a 9mb installation binary, with the remainder of the game’s content to be distributed online through the Steam service.


Some unsubstantiated reports also claim that the game will suffer a global supply shortage, and that certain copies of the game are missing DLC codes. These issues may be attributed to the waning interest of Konami as a gaming company, being the latest in a long line of questionable actions from the once-respected organisation.

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One thought on “Shaky Launch for Metal Gear Solid V

  1. Not to mention, the horrible forced paid transaction to access the multiplayer which affects how much money you get in the single player. I highly doubt this was a Kojima decision and more of Konami trying to get the most of a very dedicated fanbase.

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