Shenmue HD Remaster Announced – Coming to Xbox, PC and PS4

The biggest dream of every DreamCast fan has come true. A Shenmue HD remaster of the first two games has been announced. These classics, renowned for their open-world gameplay, variety of options, and (for the time) incredible attention to detail will be arriving on current-gen consoles this year (excluding the Switch).

We have heard rumours about possible remaster before but we finally have an official announcement. Sega confirmed the news at Sega Fest 2018, saying these action-adventure classics will be making their way to PS4 in Japan. Quickly after the event, Sega of Europe confirmed a western release, which won’t be exclusive to PS4. It will be coming to Xbox One and PC alongside PS4.

There is not much more we know about Shenmue 1 & 2 HD, other than that it will feature both Japanese and English voice overs as well as modern and classic controls.

Will you be getting Shenmue HD remaster, or are you waiting for the sequel? Tell us down in the comments below.