Should There Be Another Prey?

Warning! This piece features heavy spoilers for the 2017 game Prey.

Prey 2017 was a great game developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. Taking up the role of Morgan Yu, you make your way through Talos 1 in an attempt to escape with your life, destroy the station, or contain the Typhon threat and continue your research.

No matter which fate you chose for Talos 1, after your decision, you find out that you have been a Typhon this whole time. Placed in a simulation by Alex Yu to test whether you can be trusted to help save the world after a massive Typhon outbreak has destroyed most of Earth.

Now to the main question, should there be another Prey to continue the story, or should we be happy with the story we got and leave it to rest where it left off?

To simply put it, no. I don’t think that there should be another Prey. If we go down to Earth to stop the Typhon threat it’s going to be the same thing all over again. Same killer shape shifting aliens, different day sort of thing.

Prey Typhon

I imagine it would essentially be the same idea as its predecessor, but on a larger scale. You have to save a place from Typhons. There will more than likely be multiple ways to do it, each with their own moral implications because Arkane loves their moral implications. Then you save the Earth in one way or another, but all you’d get is a pat on the back, no twist ending that takes us for a loop and flips everything on its head.

There is also an argument to be made that you couldn’t even have the sequel be like the first game. With the outbreak of Typhon’s on Talos 1, the sneaking sort of gameplay worked because there weren’t hordes of them around each corner. With the few we were given to face, we were able to sneak past them and get the jump on them.

Assuming the next game were to take place on Earth, then there would be too many Typhons to sneak around. It would become similar to the newer Wolfenstein games. You have the option to sneak, but because there are so many Nazis, you’ll be lucky if you can find your way past them. Prey can’t become like Wolfenstein, it betrays the main ideas of the gameplay.

Prey Coral

I loved Prey 2017. It was an amazing game by some amazing people, but I think what we got and where it took us was a perfect story with a beginning that got us interested in the story, a middle that ramped up the intrigue, and an ending that blew our socks off and left us feeling finished.

I don’t think a sequel will do anyone any good and that the series should be left where it ended.

This is all assuming that you chose to not murder Alex Yu and his robot pals after you woke up from the simulation that is. If you did, then I’d imagine you’d just head to Earth and hangout with your Typhon buddies and snack on some skulls.

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Published by Logan Wilson

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