Showtime Officially Orders A Halo TV Series

Halo TV series

In the past, video games have not had the greatest track record when crossings mediums. Whether it is film or television, video game adaptions usually leave their audience disappointed. One video game series that has tried to cross mediums for a while now is the Halo series. The wait is over as Showtime has officially announced they are working on a Halo TV series.

The live-action adaption of Xbox’s most acclaimed franchise has been picked up by showtime and production for the show will begin in 2019. The first season for the show will feature ten total hour-long episodes. While details are brief at the moment, we do know some of the people working on the series. As of now, the working title of the show will be Halo and Kyle Killen (seen to the left) will serve as the show’s show runner, executive producer and writer. Kyle Killen is best known for his work on the TV Show Awake which starred Jason Isaacs. It was also revealed that Rise of the Planet of the Apes director Rupert Wyatt will indeed direct multiple episodes. He will also be executive producer.

While the series is planned to begin production in 2019, there is no date as of yet for when the series will premiere. There is no additional information available currently about the cast and story for the TV series (other than what is listed above). With Showtime finally making progress with the Halo TV series, maybe we will learn more information very soon.

What do you think about Showtime working on a Halo TV series? Should the show star one of gaming most recognizable figures, Master Chief, or should the show tell a new series in the Halo universe? For anything else gaming related, stay tuned to us here at Gamer Professional.