Yesterday, patch 1.1.6 dropped for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS. The patch brought about a much anticipated nerf of DLC character Bayonetta, which effectively nullified her zero-to-death ladder combos.

Since her release in February this year, Bayonetta has been considered a top-tier character, if not the top character. Players have been highly critical of the power and KO potential of the gun-toting witch. Many players have expressed fear of playing her in a tournament-level environment due to harsh criticism.

In April, the Spanish Smash community even pushed to ban Bayonetta from all major tournaments. Top-ranked player Grewardz labeled the character as “toxic and overpowered, the latter not being so obvious to people who aren’t top players.”

The number one ranked Smash Wii U competitor, ZeRo, was quick to denounce the talks of a ban.

As it stands with the implementation of patch 1.1.6, there is no longer any need for a ban. The hitboxes of many of Bayonetta’s abilities, including her Witch Twist, have been reduced to allow for opponents to escape her combos. The damage outputs of her down-tilt and forward-air have been reduced. In addition, the knockback of her Divekick has been reduced.

Due to the patch just rolling out yesterday, tournaments taking place the weekend of the 21st and 22nd of May will not be using the latest iteration of Smash Wii U. As time progresses, we may soon see a quite different playstyle for Bayonetta at high-level play. Many players suggest that a less-aerial Bayonetta may become the norm.

For more detailed patch notes, click here.

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