Smite Set to Launch on PS4 From May 31

Smite, the popular deity-themed MOBA game developed by Hi-Rez, is officially being released on the PS4, scheduled to launch on May 31. After a brief closed alpha, the game has been in open beta for the past several months. Hi-Rez mentioned in a blog post, millions of gamers have already participated in the beta. During the testing period, Smite has received some significant updates, such as doubling the frame rate to 60 fps to give a much smother play, as well as the addition of new game modes. Further, there is now trophy support and 4 new gods have been introduced, bringing the total to 75.

For the unfamiliar, Smite takes a bit of a twist to the MOBA genre, as it’s played from a third-person perspective and features more action-focused gameplay. The cast of characters are pulled from world mythology, with a certain degree of creative liberties taken. Although the release of the world’s leading Action MOBA on the PS4 has lagged behind the Xbox One, the game looks fantastic and is very welcomed. Smite initially launched on PC back in 2014, and has seen constant support from the developers. Similar support is planned following its console launch.

Published by Marek Fewtrell - Associate Writer

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