Snakebyte Group Announces New Periphery for Nintendo Switch


Snakebyte brought out two new peripherals for the Nintendo Switch to this year’s E3 conference. During a private meeting with the company, they showcased a rechargeable battery and a charging dock for up to four JoyCons.

The item of interest was the Switch rechargeable battery pack pictured above. Clocking in at 7,000 mAh, the team noted to me that they wanted to increase it to over 10,000 mAh, but settled for 7,000 as the size would be impractical for portability. The design presented is not the final design; the final design will be tighter fitting and smaller, with a repainted job to match the color scheme of the Nintendo Switch. The company has priced the rechargeable pack at $29.99 with a release later this year, sometime in the next quarter.

Designs not final.

Up next was the JoyCon charging dock, which is made of plastic and can charge up to four controllers at once. It’s a great little device, and looks clean without feeling gimmicky. This dock will be priced at $19.99.

Both are unique and something that I have not personally seen for the Nintendo Switch line of peripherals from other manufacturers. I’d love to see where they take this in the final stages of production, as it certainly and rightfully caught the eye of purchasers and investors.