SNES Classic Is Coming This September

Nintendo recently announced a new, but familiar console, the Super NES Classic Edition. After the massive popularity of the NES Classic and its sudden discontinuation only a few months after it launched, fans speculated that the SNES Classic was on the horizon. The SNES Classic, much like its predecessor, is a smaller version of the SNES with 21 pre-installed games in addition to a slot for SNES cartridges. It can play classic retro games in high definition thanks to the inclusion of the HDMI cable.

Nintendo called this the return of the 90’s and the 16-bit golden age. Their website proudly states: “Now you’re playing with super power!” The SNES classic is designed with the original look and feel of the SNES in mind, just on a slightly smaller scale. However, the real excitement comes in the games that the console provides.

Each console comes with 21 pre-loaded games. Most of them are considered to be classics. Among these include Donkey Kong Country, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Earthbound, and Star Fox. Surprisingly, the SNES Classic will feature a never before seen, previously unreleased game, Star Fox 2. Players will have to beat the first level of Star Fox in order to access the new game, but that shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish.

SNES Classic

Each console will also come with two wired retro controllers that are two feet longer than the NES Classic controllers. Thankfully, the SNES Classic is compatible with both the classic controller and the classic controller pro.

The SNES Classic will retail for $79.99 and launches on September 29th. Although Nintendo has stated that there will be more SNES Classic units available, it is unclear just how many will be in circulation. It is also unclear how long they will be available. Nintendo stated that they will continue to ship the SNES Classic to the end of the calendar year. Unfortunately, there is no word on whether or not production will continue or cease at the end of the year. Nintendo publicly stated that their long term goals are focused on producing games for the Switch. It is entirely possible that the console will only be around for a few months. Be sure to order one while supplies last.

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