Sombra Officially Announced


At BlizzconOverwatch finally announced their newest hero, Sombra. After multiple leaks and rumors, Blizzard decided it was time to make her official and add her to the ever-growing roster of heroes available in the fast-paced multiplayer shooter.

The first leaked image of Sombra

Sombra is given a brief character description on the Overwatch website. She is described as, “A notorious hacker, on the hunt for secrets-and the power they bring”. A more in-depth description tells us that she is an assault class character who uses speed and deception to best her opponents.

Official Concept art of Sombra

Her main weapon is a fast firing, short-ranged machine pistol. She also has the use of three different abilities and an ultimate ability. The main abilities are as follows: Hack, Thermoptic Camo, and Translocator. Hack allows Sombra to disable her enemy’s abilities for short time or hack a first aid kit to make it unusable for the enemy team. Thermoptic Camo makes her invisible for a short time, during this time her movement speed is greatly increased. However, if she receives damage, attacks, or uses another ability, her camo is deactivated. The final ability, the Translocator, is a beacon that can be thrown out by Sombra. Once in place, she can warp to this beacon’s location even in mid-aid. Last but not least there is Sombra’s ultimate ability, the EMP. This powerful blast covers a wide area and disables enemy shields and barriers, it also hacks all enemies in the area, disabling their abilities. Sombra is being released in the Public Test Realm next week, along with a new mode and map.

The new mode is Arcade, that has 1v1 and 3v3 game types and a new map, Eco Point Arcade. Also announced at Blizzcon was a new map, Oasis, which is being released in December.

Finally, Blizzard announced that they will be hosting a professional level league for Overwatch. This league will begin in 2017 and Blizzard will be hosting an event for players to join professional teams and compete in the new league.

After months of mystery, Sombra has finally been reveled and should be released for all to play in the near future. Blizzard has decided that they have strung their fans along for long enough and is rewarding them with a new character, map, and game type.

Let us know what you think about Sombra, her abilities and the new maps in the comments below.