Sonic the Hedgehog’s Twitter Throws Shade at Mighty No. 9

Man, Sonic the Hedgehog’s got a mighty fine Twitter manager. It’s no secret to anyone in the gaming industry that Mighty No. 9 is just a train wreck of problems, delays, and missed promises at this point, with some of its platforms facing delays on release day itself.

The ambitious project, which took home a Kickstarter budget of approximately four million dollars, was critically panned and currently has a Metacritic score of 56, and an OpenCritic score of 55. Critics claimed that the game had not met up as the spiritual successor to the Blue Bomber MegaMan.

In a Twitch live streasm earlier today, Keiji Inafune had attempted to take full responsibility for the disastrous events surrounding Mighty No. 9. With the aid of a translator, he claimed that the game itself was “better than nothing” even if it wasn’t perfect. This statement alarmed many fans, seeing it as Inafune casually brushing off a game that many fans had spent money on. His statement, from a personal perspective, felt a bit callous and could definitely have been worded a bit better.

This goes back to Sonic the Hedgehog, whose Twitter social media rebounded with a tweet that threw a heavy insult using Inafune’s own words from the live stream.

Yup, this just happened. Ouch. Funny story, given that the last few Sonic titles haven’t quite hit the proverbial mark that fans wanted. It’s interesting because as amusing as the case is, the pot is calling the kettle black. It goes further, as a representative for Deep Silver (the publisher behind Mighty No. 9) fired back on Twitter about the lack of a true Sonic sequel.

The replies go on and on, but the relationship looks to be quite intriguing between the two. Definitely a bit sad to see developers and publishers fighting over things like this, but can either party be blamed given what’s unfolded?

Published by Brandon Bui, PharmD

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